Lenten Wednesday Service 2021

WELCOME to Lenten Wednesday Evening Prayer!

If you’re a guest, we’re thankful you’re here today. We hope you’ll feel welcomed and spiritually nourished. If you’d like to speak to the pastor about the congregation, please let her know directly or call the church office at 314-962-6011.


The first Christians observed with great devotion the days of our Lord’s passion and resurrection, and it became the custom of the Church to prepare for them by a season of penitence and fasting. During this season, converts to the faith were prepared for Holy Baptism. It was also a time when those who, because of sin, had been separated from the body of the faithful were reconciled by penitence and forgiveness, and restored to the fellowship of the Church.

During Lent, we at Christ Lutheran will reflect on the meaning of our baptism into Christ’s death and resurrection. The sign of ashes suggests our human mortality and frailty. In Jesus, God became flesh, and entered into our human experience in very vulnerable ways.

In this time where there is so much confusion, violence, hatred, and oppression in our world, we have heard the words of Pontius Pilate echo: “Truth? What is truth?” We are as people of faith Called to Truth. As we gather on Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings during Lent, we will seek God’s truth in our lives in this season. Together, we will confess our brokenness and ask forgiveness, read scripture, and pray for guidance. And most of all, we will affirm our trust in a God who brings life and transformation out of all things, even death.

PRELUDE Intermezzo in A Major – Johannes Brahms


PSALMODY, 312-313


Wednesday March 3 John 12:36-43
Wednesday March 10 Mark 11:15-19
Wednesday March 17 John 8:12-20
Wednesday March 24 John 12:34-50
Wednesday March 31 John 13:21-32


A member of the congregation will share an encounter they have had with God in the world.

Wednesday March 3 Katie Ciorba
Wednesday March 10 Jon Heerboth
Wednesday March 17 Rachel Helton
Wednesday March 24 Carolyn Lange
Wednesday March 31 Kersten Horn


In this time of reflection, you may sit quietly, journal or draw following the provided prompt or any other thoughts you have, or light a candle to celebrate or ask for God’s presence.


Let us pray together, for our needs, and the needs of the community and the world. Please unmute yourselves and share your prayers aloud.




815 I Want to Walk as the Child of the Light, v. 1, 3

(Keith Lissant, v. 1)



Please include the following people in your prayer life during this week. To add a name to the Prayer List, inform Pastor Meagan (pastor@christwg.org or 612-388-5920) or the Church Office (office@christwg.org).  Please assure that the individual agrees to have his or her name printed in the bulletin.

ONGOING HEALTH CONCERNS: Those who are suffering from chronic pain & diseasesLinda Armstrong, Jason & Nick (Linda Armstrong’s cousins), Christine Austin, Larry Baugher (David Cramer’s cousin), Kate and Brian Bates (John Hoffmann’s sister and brother-in-law), Mertha Bishop (Gale Nunn’s mom), Edith Cooper, Michael Cooper (Edith Cooper’s grandson), Evan Deck, Helga Hayes, Gerri Mac (Sharon Hornbeck’s aunt), Bev & Al Marcus (friend of John Hoffmann), Doris & Harry Rahlfs (Karen Wood’s parents), Edward Ruebeck (Roocks’ grand-nephew), Ken Ruppar (friend of Mark Roock), Flo Saeger, Mary Lou Sakonyi (Dianne Deck’s mother), Sherri Swanson, Shirley Wolf, Mary Stough (Sharon Hornbeck’s aunt), and Richard Yeast and Debra Schroeder (Leslie Bennett’s father and sister).

IN BLESSED MEMORY: For all of those who have died, especially Gwen Hickman, Dolly Hoyer, Susan Hunt, Irene Kalnins, Ed Mansour, David Notley, Sr. (Roger Rose’s brother-in-law), Gloria Richardson, Vic Saeger, Alex Sakonyi (Dianne Deck’s uncle), Cletus Romay and all of those who grieve at a distance in this time.

IN MILITARY SERVICE: Josh Duncan, Chris Hudson, Jesse Proctor, Scott Warr.

A congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America


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